Academic | Carnegie Mellon University | Second Year Studio I | September through October 2014


Växthus was a design-build project for a Pittsburgh community garden in the Bloomfield neighborhood. Families donated planter beds to us, for which we had to make a covering enabling the functional growing season to be extended into November, given that the functional use timeframe of an exposed planter bed ends in early October due to potential frost. Although construction complexity and materials were not specified, groups had to work within a $250 budget.

My group opted to design a collapsible structure that easily hooked over the edge of the planter bed, to allow the user to setup and remove the structure as they desired. To accomplish this, we utilized lengths of conduit and off-the-shelf conduit connectors to create an inexpensive, durable metal frame, over which we could drape plastic sheeting to create an optimal structure, which ultimately only ended up being $15 over budget.