SQM: The Quantified Home

SQM. The Quantified Home.: An Exploration of the Evolving Identity of the Home, from Utopian Experiment to Factory of Data. Ennetbaden: Lars Müller Verlag, 2014.


Hill, Dan. The Commodification of Everything: On Restaurant Day and Airbnb

A new mentality is driving a new perception of space. An spare room is no longer more space, but an opportunity to make money. Airbnb transforms this unoccupied space from happenstance into a commodity advertised on a global market. 

On a similar level, through similar online means, Helsinki stages Ravintolapäivä—Finnish for "restaurant festival"—where Finns colonize underutilized urban spaces and serve street food. This grassroots festival circumvents stringent food hygiene regulations and urban zoning. This bottom-up temporary rezoning has proved incredibly popular with Helsinki residents, and shows a major gap in thinking between city leadership and the needs of citizens.

The requirements imposed upon capital-A Architecture seem lumbering and bureaucratic in the face of the shifting whims of urbanites.


Lange, Alexandra. Edited Living: On the Pinterest Home

Edited Living describes how Pinterest acts as a surrogate for the common (i.e. non-architect) interpretation of spaces. Pinterest is both and aspirational outlet for a specific quality of life. Unlike the aspirationally holistic viewpoint of architecture, Pinterest "architecture" condenses spatial experiences in to arrangements of products, details, and spatial tropes like subway tiles, sheepskin throws and clawfoot bathtubs. Greater images of buildings tend to fade into obscurity, with each white modernist roofline blending into the next.  The Pinterestification of architecture reduces individual architectural components into discrete commodities to be forgotten in an endless list of shifting trends.