Academic - Carnegie Mellon University - Third Year Studio II - January 2015 - Third Place Winner 10th Annual EPIC Metals Design Competition - In collaboration with Sophia Riedel


Charged with energy, the Iceburgh actively engages in the Polar Bear Plunge with a playful, integrated system of a Glacial Hood and Changing Cube. EPIC Metal’s Toris deck system acts as a surface for absorbing the sun’s rays while simultaneously advertising plunge sponsors. Capped by a perforated flush architectural screen, the double shell Glacial Hood acts as a transpired solar collector, providing passively generated heat to the lower level of the Changing Cube. Iceburgh’s deceptive ice-cube form melts away as Pittsburghers step onto a warm, padded duct board floor. Blurred characters dance within the cube, throwing elusive shadows out from the glacial hood. Between layers of hurricane sheets, air heated between the double layer system of the glacial hood flows into the changing area, both ventilating and warming frozen toes. Iceburgh embraces the challenge posed by climate change and puts its best paw forward for the new year.