Academic | Carnegie Mellon University | Second Year Studio II | March 2014 through May 2014


Film is a dying art form. What was once the main form of entertainment, the main source of news, and default casual activity for several generations of Americans is standing at the precipice of its own demise. The cinema, as a place, has entirely lost its position of relevance as a third place for individuals to congregate, and the assignment to design a cinema on Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge, MA at first appeared as a laughable proposition. It almost seems disingenuous to construct such project literally down the street from MIT, one of the most prestigious and forward-looking institutions. Cambridge, itself has remarkably transformed into a wealthy suburb of Boston proper dominated by high-tech and biomedical offices. Extrapolating upon the existing context, I envisioned the cinema as a purposeful anachronism in a futuristic neighborhood, as an over-branded pastiche entirely self-aware of its irrelevance.



In spite of the cynical outlook of the concept, the cinema project was the first project required to be code compliant, with IBC egress requirements were being met. Additionally, I was able to explore a rather unconventional structural system of tubular steel members and prefabricated plasticized concrete panels making up the exterior rain screen.